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League News

July 17th, 2021

Click here to access our 2021 league schedule.  (Revised July 17th at 1630 hours).

Please note that two teams within the AB Division were willing to switch team numbers.  These were The Ants and The Phillies.  The numbers and names have been updated on a revised version of the schedule (in blue font) as well as on the team list below (in italics).

2021 Team Codes are as follows:

Division Team
AB1 Shockers
AB2 Blue Jays
AB3 Back To The Bar
AB4 Frenzy
AB5 The Ants
AB7 A’s
AB8 Phillies
C1 Danforth Roofing Supply
C2 The Bardawgs
C3 The Sweet Beauties
C4 Jack Astor’s Yankees
C5 Knights
C6 Paradise Sluggers
D1 Half Base
D2 The Imploders
D3 Deloitte Scared Hitless
D4 Rangers Ball Club
D5 Dirty Bandits
D6 Pirates
E1 Smokin’ Bunts
E3 Spare Parts
E4 The Benchwarmers
E5 Dope Runs
E6 Durham Tigers
F1 Jesters
F2 Remax
F3 Butt’s Pumps

July 9th, 2021

The City of Pickering has advised our league that we can resume using our fields immediately.

Although we would have loved to commence league play immediately, there is a lot of work to be completed.  We have been contacting all team reps to determine if their team will or will not participate in what will be a shortened season.  Based on information received to date, it appears that roughly 60 percent of the teams have indicated their willingness to play this season.  We will now require that team dues be paid and team rosters be submitted.  Once, we have firmed up the total number of teams that will be participating, a schedule must be drawn up.  We hope to complete all items in time to launch our regular season on July 25th.  Our regular season that is normally sixteen games across thirteen weeks will be shortened to five weeks with hopefully eight regular season games.  Playoffs will be conducted in September as per usual.

Due to Covid-19, the City has advised that they will not allow tournaments to be played.  Therefore, there will be no August tournament this year.

We wish to thank all their teams for their patience and understanding through 2020 and this year!

Thankfully, it appears that on July 25th, it will once again be time to “Play Ball”.

Thanks for visiting our website!