2019 League Master Schedule (See Notes Below)

Above schedule was updated on April 4th as effective this season, the home team is the second team listed.
There is a minor mistake on May 26th 7:00 p.m. at William Dunbar North.  C2 vs D7 should be D2 vs D7.

2018 Playoff Schedules

“A” Division
“B” Division
“C” Division
“D” Division
“E” Division
“F” Division

2018 League Master Schedule

Note: Schedule changes for August 19th and August 26th were introduced.  These games have now been played.

League Regular Season Schedules By Division

A Division 2018
B Division 2018
C Division 2018
D Division 2018
E Division 2018
F Division 2018

August 2018 Tournament Schedules
A Division
B Division
C Division
D Division
E Division
F Division