Old News

Old News


July 29th, 2020

League Members,

Hope you are all well and staying safe. Over the last 3 months, our executive has been working hard to make our 2020 season a reality. Unfortunately, at this point, with the rules in place for Phase 3 (and other reasons stated below), we must cancel the 2020 season of the PMSPL. This was a tough decision, but one that was voted on by the 2020 executive.

I want to take this time to explain to everyone why this decision was made, and trust me this wasn’t easy on any of us…

First and foremost, the current rules laid out by the Ontario government for Phase 3 is that no league may play with more than 50 players (we have over 1200). There is also no inter-league play allowed (anyone who plays on a certain diamond or elsewhere as well, would not be allowed to play within our league).  Only one Division may use a certain park.  This is overly restrictive and completely disrupts our Division setup, park sufficiency, and ability to field teams with sufficient players.

Additionally, since we are an independent league, there are multiple additional steps that have to be taken to play this summer. We as a league would need to submit rules and protocols of our own for approval by the government (could take weeks to be approved). Also, our league would not be legally protected the same as previous years, should someone get sick or decide to take legal action against the league. This is not something that we could risk, as it could put PMSPL Slo Pitch in jeopardy forever. This is not something we feel comfortable doing.

On top of these reasons, we weighed things such as:

-Overall risk to the health and safety of our members and their families/friends

-The risk if we get started and then cancelled after 1-2 weeks, meaning all paid funds are now non-refundable

-Insurance coverage, and additional insurance that would need to be purchased because we are independent

At the end of the day, our founding and long-time members have protected this league for 30+ years. The 2020 executive is not willing to risk the future of this league for, at best, a 2 month “Slo Pitch” season. We also do not see any advantage in risking the health and safety of our over 700 members, as well as their families and friends they would go home to every night. When we decided to attempt to salvage the season back in March, we did so in the hopes that the risks of infection would have significantly abated by the time we could begin play.  Based on the information currently available, we cannot claim to have sufficient confidence that such a condition exists.  I cannot imagine the guilt we would all feel should someone in our league get seriously ill because we wanted to play a couple of games of Slo Pitch.

We miss Slo-pitch as much as all of you and it’s heartbreaking that we are at this point. I hope that you all understand our current stance and realize that this is the best decision for the future of our league and our members.

Another email will be coming out from myself or the treasurer, in a few days, on how to apply for refund if you desire and don’t want to just push your fees to next year.

If you have absolutely any questions, please let us know and we will be happy to chat.


Dale Suitor
President PMSPL

City Of Pickering Update
May 22nd

As per the Ministry of Health, individuals may use outdoor sports facilities and multi-use for non-team sports. Individuals who use the facilities for this purpose are required to physically distance unless they are members of the same household.   Individuals are not permitted to play or practice team sports, such as soccer or baseball, even on fields intended for this purpose unless they are members of the same household.  

 In order to ensure the safety of public works staff (allowing for physical distancing), Public Works staffing levels are currently at approx. 50% for this time of year.  That means that the schedule for the maintenance and care of sports fields is at least 4 weeks behind where we would normally be.   Baseball fields have not been maintained yet this year and are currently not in safe condition to use. They would normally receive daily infield grooming to make them safe and staffing reallocation has not allowed this maintenance to take place.

Therefore, at this time and while this emergency order is in effect, the City of Pickering will not be issuing any permits to municipal outdoor sports facilities and multi-use fields to sports organizations.


Covid-19 Impact Messages To Our League Membership

From: Dale Suitor, President


The executive wanted to provide you with an update as to our status for this season.  The city of Pickering has informed all sports organizations that they have closed the fields until July 1st.  Accordingly we are looking at a tentative July 5th start date at this time.  This is all subject to change based on actual opening dates for diamonds.
The executive has met remotely and we are committed to playing whenever the parks are opened.  We have started the process of working on an 8 week schedule.  That schedule would include a tournament in August as well as playoffs.  We will endeavour to play as many games as possible in those 8 weeks.  To address questions about refunds for missed games we will be reviewing our costs when we know better what our season will look like and rebate teams accordingly either during or after the season.
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we face this unprecedented challenge.  We fervently hope that you and your families emerge from this crisis as unscathed as possible.
Teams and individuals are reminded that Provincial and Municipal laws and regulations prohibit any activity in city or school parks and
diamonds until notified otherwise.  Please stay home when possible, and social distance if you must go out.  Stay safe and we hope to see
everyone on the diamond soon.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your convenors.

March 30th

What a difference a week makes.  The City has advised that they are closing all fields until May 25th.  That is certainly subject to change.

Divisional assignments should have been relayed to you by email from your convenors and will be posted on the web site this week.

We are reviewing our schedule, two tournaments and playoffs at this time as we are trying to find out when the fields will be ready and open for play.  The season at this time is in flux, but we hope to open it on May 31th.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we face this unprecedented challenge.  We fervently hope that you and your families emerge from this crisis as unscathed as possible.

March 23rd

This update reflects our intentions regarding the 2020 season based on the facts available as of today.  The Executive will respond to any change in circumstance as the Covid-19 situation evolves and inform you accordingly.

Currently, the City has advised that they hope to have outdoor facilities available for use on May 3rd.  That is certainly subject to change.

The Executive has discussed the spring general meeting which is scheduled for April 8th and anticipate that meetings of our expected attendance will still not be allowed.  Furthermore, we have no venue as RCL 606 is closed indefinitely.

Please be advised that this meeting is cancelled.  If feasible, we will try to reschedule at some future date assuming there is still some value to be gained.

The purpose of this meeting was to announce team divisional assignments, distribute line up cards and scorebooks as well as review new rules approved last fall.  In addition, there were several items discussed in the fall which were to be further reviewed at this meeting.

We regret to advise that all matters pushed back from the fall general meeting will not be implemented for the forthcoming season.

Divisional assignments will be announced by email and posted on the web site.  Line up cards and scorebooks will be distributed to the bunker boxes and you should pick up these supplies from your umpire opening day.

We are moving ahead with a full 16 game schedule, two tournaments and playoffs conditional on the fields being ready and open for play.  The season is tentatively scheduled to start May 3rd.

As stated above, should circumstances necessitate changes, your Executive will respond accordingly.  If the season is unable to commence as planned, then we will try to treat postponed games as we would for conventional rain outs.  Should the number of games postponed exceed our ability to reschedule then as fair and equitable a reduced schedule as possible will be devised and you will be advised.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we face this unprecedented challenge.  We fervently hope that you and your families emerge from this crisis as unscathed as possible.


April 12th

Sad News
Keith Conkie


Spring General Meeting
** Cancelled until further notice **


2019 August Tournament Schedule / Results

A Division Champion: Woodpeckers

B Division Champion: Phillies

C Division Champion: A’s

D Division Champion: Dirty Bandits

E Division Champion: Durham Tigers

F Division Champion: Jesters

July 24th
: Special Ground Rule at Kinsmen North

Recently we have had concerns with an overhanging tree in right field at Kinsmen North diamond causing interference with fly balls.

The following ground rule will be followed until such time that the issue is addressed:
Any legally batted fly ball that enters the overhanging tree in right field will immediately be ruled a ‘dead ball’. All base runners will be awarded 2 bases at the time of the pitch (ground-rule double).
If, in the judgement of the umpire, the legally batted fly ball would have cleared the outfield fence without interference of the overhanging tree, then a home run may be awarded.
This ruling is non-protestable as it is strictly a judgement call made by the umpire.


Tournament Scores

June 7th and 8th

A Division
Longhorns 19, Woodpeckers 10
Shockers 7, Balls Deep 0 (Default)
Blue Jays 34, Longhorns 15
Blue Jays advance to “A” finals

Consolation Bracket (Elimination Games)
Woodpeckers 18, Balls Deep 6
Woodpeckers 23, Longhorns 17
Shockers 27, Woodpeckers 9
Shockers advance to “A” finals

“A” Championship Final
Shockers 22, Blue Jays 14

B Division
Championship Bracket
The Runs 27, Frenzy 14
Danforth Roofing Supply 7, Grifters 0 (Default)
The Runs 25, Fat Ninjas 11
Phillies 21, Danforth Roofing Supply 8

C Division
Championship Bracket
Knights 22, A’s 13
Half Base 13, Raiders 12
Sweet Beauties 14, Jack Astors Yankees 10
Bardawgs 9, Imploders 8
Half Base 19, Knights 17
Half Base advance to “C” finals
Bardawgs 13, Sweet Beauties 9
Bardawgs  advance to “C” finals

Championship Final
Half Base 17, Bardawgs 11

Consolation Bracket (Elimination Games)
Raiders 21, A’s 20
Jack Astors Yankees 9, Imploders 8
Knights 21, Jack Astors Yankees 18

“C” Consolation Final
Sweet Beauties 20, Knights 4

D Division
Paradise Sluggers 30, Deloitte Scared Hitless 13
Pirates 14, Thunder 12
Paradise Sluggers 11, Dirty Bandits 9
Paradise Sluggers 20, Pirates 8
Paradise Sluggers advance to finals.

Consolation Bracket (Elimination Games)
Deloitte Scared Hitless 20, Thunder 18
Dirty Bandits 15, Deloitte Scared Hitless 9
Pirates 12, Dirty Bandits 8
Pirates advance to finals.

“D” Championship Final
Paradise Sluggers 13, Pirates 4

E Division
Winners Bracket
Durham Tigers 21, Free Agents 8
ISOFT 18, Limers 13
Mighty Mucks 29, Durham Tigers 11
ISOFT 15, Miighty Mucks 13
ISOFT advances to “E” Finals

Consolation Bracket (Elimination Games)
Limers 26, Free Agents 2
Limers 28, Durham Tigers 2
Limers 18, Mighty Mucks 12
Limers advance to “E” finals

“E” Championship Final
Limers 21, ISOFT 19

F Division

Winners Bracket
Sting 17, Jesters 15
Remax 14, St. Louis Brew Jays 10
Sting 12, Remax 9
Sting advances to “F” finals

Losers Bracket (Elimination Games)
St. Louis Brew Jays 14, Jesters 4
Remax 19, St. Louis Brew Jays 8
Remax advances to “F” finals

“F” Championship Final
Remax 25, Sting 6