Park Maps


(South of Third Concession / Rossland Road; west side of Brock Road)

South on Brock Road from Third Concession / Rossland Road intersection.  Park is located on your right hand side before you reach Dellbrook Avenue.

Alternative route:  North on Brock Road from Finch Avenue.  Proceed past plaza on your left hand side (south-west corner of Dellbrook Avenue and Brock Road).  Diamond is located on your left hand side approximately one half mile north of plaza.

Parking:  There is a parking lot between the diamond and Brock Road, which generally can accommodate all vehicles.

Dunmoore (North and South)

(South of Bayly Street, west side of Whites Road)

South end of Whites Road just before Petticoat Creek Conservation Area.

Diamonds are located on the West Side of Whites Road. To access diamonds, turn right on Callahan Street (third right south of Granite Court / Oklahoma Drive).

Parking:  There is a small parking lot located at the end of Callahan Street.  Please note that this lot will often become full.  There is a second parking lot located just south of Callahan Street on the west side of Whites Road.

Kinsmen (North and South)

(South of Bayly Street; west of Brock Road)

South on Sandy Beach Road from Bayly Street almost to the end of the road. There are two diamonds on your left (East) side.
Parking: There is a parking lot between the diamonds and Sandy Beach Road.  It is recommended that cars not park on the east side of the lot beyond the right field fence of the south diamond.  Even flight restricted softballs can be dangerous to your vehicle.

Forestbrook (William Dunbar)

(North of Kingston Road, west of Liverpool Road)

On Glenanna Road, midway between Dixie Road and Fairport Road on the north side. Glenanna Road is south from Finch Avenue or north from Kingston Road (Highway two).

Parking: Although parking is permitted on Glenanna Road, it is recommended that the school lot be used in the best interest of maintaining a good relationship with the local residents.